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IAS/Park City Members

Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 49 IAS/Park City members.

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user iconJoan Ferrini-MundyNSF Program OfficerNSF
user iconCatherine E. GiesbrechtProject Staff, Project AdministratorInstitute for Advanced Study
user iconAudra GrayProject Researcher
user iconPhillip GriffithsPIInstitute for Advanced Study
user iconCharles GroetschProject ParticipantThe Citadel
user iconClaudia GutierrezProject Professional DeveloperMcAllen Independent School District
user iconShelly (Marshella) HarknessProject Professional Developer, Project Staff, Project Participant, Project GuestUniversity of Cincinnati
user iconCarol HattanProject StaffIAS/Park City Mathematics Institute
user iconIlana (Lani) Seidel HornProject ParticipantUniversity of Washington
user iconSharon HornProject Evaluator, Project GuestU.S. Department of Education
user iconRichard T HouangProject Director, Project EvaluatorMichigan State University
user iconRey JopeProject ParticipantMcAllen Independent School District